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Nice, that you have found your way to this website.

Way back to you supports the idea that staying true to who we are is the right way to go. When we learn to listen to our inner voice, we can follow our own path, which is more inline with our true personal nature. Finally only the "way back to ourselves" leads us to happiness and success in life.

This site Way back to you would like to encourage you:

  • to do sport,
  • eating healthy
  • and to consciously choosing a happy lifestyle.

All products and information on this page will accompany you in these three areas and promote a healthy livingWay back to you will encourage you to free yourself from everyday stress and to really get started in life and have fun. Warning you though, that this could lead you to change your business suit for a surf bikini or some boardshorts and diving into your adventurous life.

Sincerely yours, Way back to you team

Current contribution

Morcote (TI, Switzerland) 10 kilometers south of Lugano lies the former fishing village of Morcote at the foot of Monte Arbostora. Only about 3 hours by car south of Zurich,

"Stop caring what other people think of you."

-Marcus Aurelius/Roman emperor

New Brand - VEY OceanFairMade Apparel

Way back to you brings you the cult surfer brand VEY OceanFairMade Apparel from Bali directly to your home. In addition to a beautiful design, VEY has made it their mission to ensure optimal functionality of their bikinis and swimsuits. By the way, the bikinis and swimsuits are not exclusively designed for surfers. 


Way back to you supports small businesses

VEY stands for Sustainability. The fabrics used by VEY are made out of recycled fibers from materials such as plastic bottles and/or fishing nets.

Insight into the product range

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We offer a platform for producers and entrepreneurs. Are you a producer of an exciting product or self-employed (e.g. yoga teacher, own a meditation studio, are you a sports coach or a chef) and would like to draw attention to you and your offers? Then use our network for you and contact us (contact@waybacktoyou.ch). 

Microattraction Box EN

Janine and Roger Rosenberger both love to surf, kiteboard, wakeboard, wakesurf and go stand-up paddling (SUP) on Lake Zurich. Both own their own surfboard. Janine has a JS Monsta Box and Roger has a Hypto Krypto from Haydenshape and a Firewire. Currently Janine and Roger are in the process of packing for their upcoming trip, their surf trip. Both have their own surfbag. Janine's surf bag will contain the following items: a Rip Curl women's Lycra, a Roxy Lycra, boardshorts from Roxy, two O'Neill bikinis, a bikini from Billabong (Biarritz Bikini). In addition, Janine would like to do yoga. This is also offered in the surf camp where they travel. For this Janine packs leggings from OY Surf Apparel and leggings from Dakine. Depending on the weather, it can be cooler in Bali (Indonesia). For this Janine packs a jumpsuit and a normal wetsuit (wetsuit, from Rip Curl). Many things Janine could find in the Surfari Surfshop and in the Visitor Store. Bikinis from 96Slam, VEY Apparel (sustainably and fairly produced with ECONYL and/or REPREVE, packaging is biodegradable) and meditation pillows and nice yoga leggings from 69Slam they could buy through the online surf store (Surfshop, Online Shop, Onlineshop, E-Commerce Shop, E-Commerce) www.waybacktoyou.ch or www.waybacktoyou.com (Way back to you). Roger packs in his surfbag the following items: Boardshorts from Quicksilver, O'Neill, Rip Curl, Patagonia and from Deus. Roger also packs a wetsuit from Rip Curl and Quicksilver for the colder days. For the sunny days Roger packs different lycras from: Billabong, Quicksilver, Dankine and Rip Curl. They have booked the trip with Swiss (otherwise often via Edelweiss, Emirates or Singapore Airlines). Tomorrow they will fly via Kloten Airport in Zurich to Dubai and from there they will fly with Emirates to Jakarta and from there with Garuda Indonesia to Bali. When Janine and Roger are not surfing in Bali, they travel around the Swiss lakes (Lake Zurich, Lake Constance, Lake Geneva) and enjoy the following sports: Wakesurfing, Wakeboarding, Stand Up Paddling and Kiting (Kite Surfing). Also for these sports they can find nice bikinis, boardshorts and lycras on www.waybacktoyou.ch or www.waybacktoyou.com (the online surf store, online store, online trade, online surf store, e-commerce store) from Way back to you in Zurich, Switzerland). It's nice that there is now another casual online store (surf store, online store, online store) next to Zalando, Amazon, Jelmoli, Surfari, Visitor Store the Blue Tomato store and Zara, like Way back to you. Because Way back to you offers besides surf fashion (surf apparel, surf fashion, summer fashion, fashion) desire for vacations (vacation, sun, summer, weather), beach vacations and travel (Portugal, Ericeira, Swiss, Lufthansa, Emirates, Airlines). All the things that make us happy. Especially striking are the beautiful bikinis in various beautiful colors (summer bikinis, women's bikinis, bikinis, ladies, bikini tops, bikini bottoms) and the many boardshorts (swim trunks, surf shorts, swimming trunks, shorts) for men. When Janine and Roger are not on or in the water, they engage in the following sports and recreational activities: Jogging (jogging, running in nature, on the Vita Parcours in the forest), yoga, fitness. In addition, they both meditate daily. Yoga and meditation also fit very well with the surfer lifestyle (and also with the digital nomad lifestyle, digital nomad). Roger and Janine also eat a very healthy diet. They pay attention to a balanced vegan diet (vegan food, vegan lifestyle). They love their Vitamix and juicer and eat lots of vegetables, fruits and fruit (also in the form of smoothies and juices). This way they stay healthy and enjoy their vitality and zest for life every day. Roger and Janine also like to take small trips. They visit beautiful places locally and internationally. They go to nice restaurants and coffee shops where they can really unwind. They mostly make their purchases online (online, online stores, google, e-commerce).