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VEY has made it its main task, in addition to a beautiful design, to ensure optimal functionality in the bikinis and swimsuits. By the way, the bikinis and swimsuits are not exclusively aimed at female surfers. VEY stands for sustainability. The fabrics used by VEY are made of recycled fibers from recycled materials (including plastic bottles and / or fishing nets). ⟶Discover the products from VEY here!


Way back to you supports small businesses

With Way back to you, online shopping becomes an experience that you want to spend more time on. The website would like to encourage you to: exercise, eat healthy and consciously choose a happy lifestyle. ⟶Do you want to learn more?

When selecting partner companies, we focus on sustainable producers (sustainable fashion). We give priority to small sustainable suppliers. We do not support cheap brands, but pay attention to high quality and support the "slow fashion" movement. ⟶Do you want to learn more?

Biarritz is the birthplace of surfing in France. Surfing on the Basque coast began in September 1956, when an American film crew came to the area to shoot the movie "The Sun Also Rises". ⟶Do you want to learn more?

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