Nice, that you have found your way to this website.

Way back to you supports the idea that staying true to who we are is the right way to go. When we learn to listen to our inner voice, we can follow our own path, which is more inline with our true personal nature. Finally only the "way back to ourselves" leads us to happiness and success in life.

Way back to you would like to encourage you:

  • to do sports,
  • eating healthy and
  • to consciously choosing a happy lifestyle.

All products and information on this page will accompany you in these three areas and promote a healthy living. Way back to you will encourage you to free yourself from everyday stress and to really get started in life and have fun. Warning you though, that this could lead you to change your business suit for a surf bikini or some boardshorts and diving into your adventurous life.

Sincerely yours, Way back to you team

"E-Commerce done differently"

Tip for the Optimal Shopping Experience

“Slow down, don’t rush when shopping with us!”. -At Way back to you we want to reshape the world of e-commerce. Online shopping becomes an experience for which you are allowed to take more time. In addition to various product images in high resolution, we also provide accurate and detailed product descriptions for all products. The additional background information on the specific products should also lead to fewer mispurchases and you, as a customer, will have an optimal experience at the Way back to you online shop. If you are still unclear about a purchase, then address your open question directly to us: contact@waybacktoyou.ch.

"Slow down, don’t rush when shopping with us!"