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  • Why are Outerknown product prices so high?: Outerknown products are very high quality and fashionable garments (haute couture fashion). The quality of the fabrics is exclusive. You notice this as soon as you hold the product in your hands and later feel it on your skin when wearing the clothes. 90% of the fabrics are organic and are created under sustainable and fair conditions. The Outerknown company is uncompromising in its pursuit of better fabrics, sustainable manufacturing and ethical treatment of employees along the entire value chain. Because Outerknown doesn't cut corners here, the prices are a bit higher. If you take a moment to reflect, you'll come to the conclusion that it's not that sustainable brands cost more. Rather, it's that brands that squeeze every penny out of their manufacturing process at the expense of the environment and their employees can make their clothes a little cheaper. But what is the true cost of this mentality in the long run?!

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