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Biarritz is the birthplace of surfing in France. Surfing on the Basque coast began in September 1956, when an American film crew came to the area to shoot the movie "The Sun Also Rises". The film producer, Darryl Francis Zanuck, was a passionate surfer from California and had brought his surfboard with him. Biarritz had never seen anything like it. He showed the French how to surf and surfing in France was born.

3 years later, on September 16, 1959, the first surf club was founded in Biarritz, the Waikiki Surf Club. The club was organized by the famous surfers Peter Viertel, Jacques Rott, George Hennebutte, Joël de Rosnay, Michel Barland and Carlos Dogny. From then on, competitions and contests were held not only in Biarritz, but all along the Basque coast.

In the 1960-70s, surfing became an attraction in Biarritz. People from all over the world associated France with the surfing lifestyle from then on.

Biarritz is located in the Pays Basques municipality on the Atlantic coast in France. The city is part of the Basque Country in the cultural sense, which exists across borders in France and Spain. Along the Atlantic coast in this region to Spain are countless fantastic surf spots, such as: the Grande Plage in Biarritz itself, Bidart, Parlementia, Lafitenia, La Zurriola (already in Spain), Zarautz and Bakio etc.. September and October are the ideal surfing months here in terms of consistency of waves and wind conditions.
Near Biarritz, in Bidart there is a beautiful surf beach that offers some protection when the wind conditions are not ideal and can provide better surfing than the neighboring beaches.

In Bidart you will also find the beautiful camping "Le Pavillon Royal" with a private access to the surf spot: Pavillon Royal right next to the spot Bidart.

Between the two surf spots there is a natural reserve on the coast with a beautiful view onto the Atlantic Ocean.

From Bidart you need about 15 minutes by car to Biarritz. There are countless wonderful cafes, bars and restaurants. For vegan delicacies we reveal to you the following two insider tips:

1) The restaurant Le Jardin with a perfect vegan cuisine, prepared in a warm atmosphere (at 4 Av. Jaulerry in Biarritz).

2) The Nuts restaurant offers breakfast and lunch. Here you can find delicious salads, hot dishes (veganfriendly) and smoothies (at 2 Rue du Helder in Biarritz).

In the idyllic town you can do extensive shopping. Especially treasures are the handmade products from the traditional Basque fabrics, such as: handbags, beach towels, espadrilles, purses, etc. One supplier that offers exceptionally high quality products is the company ARTIGA. The company is based in the Landes and sells its Basque fabrics worldwide. We are happy at Way back to you that ARTIGA cooperates with us and that we are allowed to have their products in our assortment starting from the end of 2022.

In the Basque Country you can find 4 ARTIGA stores: in Bayonne, Biarritz (at 23 rue Gambetta), Espelette and Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

But you don't have to travel that far. You can easily order online in our store the beautiful ARITGA products delivered to your home:

Further Impressions

Biarritz with a view of the Hôtel du Palais

Restaurant Nuts/Basque beer

Bird's eye view of the campsite and Biarritz in the background

Wild plants from the natural reserve

Soul Surfer

Traditional Basque beach house

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