When selecting partner companies, we focus on sustainable producers (sustainable fashion). We give priority to small sustainable suppliers. We do not support cheap brands, but pay attention to high quality and support the "slow fashion" movement. Currently we work with the following brands and sell their products through our online store:

ARTIGA is a small company from France from the Landes region in Magescq. In 1999, the founder, Quitterie Delfour took over a tailor shop with the aim of promoting production locally and keeping the traditional craftsmanship in France. ARTIGA sources all its raw materials from France, hence the label "Made in chez nous". The company uses a pure cotton or cotton-linen fabric in the weaves: canvas, twill and satin to produce its products. This makes the traditional Basque fabrics particularly durable. The striped patterns on the fabrics are also typically Basque. ARTIGA bases its color selection on the 7 Basque provinces. ⟶Discover the products of ARTIGA here!

The Bali Sultans beach towels are handmade in Turkey. We source the products through VEY OceanFairMade Apparel. ⟶Discover the products of Bali Sultans here!

The BlooM Yoga Bags are unique, durable and "upcycled" yoga mat and travel bags made from recycled industrial tea bags by the Raghu Organization in Tamil Nadu, India. Raghu Organization employees collect large used industrial tea bags. By reusing them in the form of the BlooM Yoga bags, the tea bags are given a second life. The waterproof and strong material of these bags is perfect for making bags. More than 20 people work for the organization in India, earning a fair income. ⟶Discover the products of Bloom Yoga Bags here!

Nature offers everything that is healthy for the human skin. That is why eco cosmetics products consist 100% of natural ingredients, if possible from controlled organic cultivation. All eco cosmetics products are certified according to the strict Ecocert guidelines for natural cosmetics. ⟶Discover the products of eco cosmetics here!

Driven by his passion for surfing, Benjamin Mandos decided to do something about the plastic waste problem in our oceans. In 2018, he founded GOT BAG. The company produces products made from Ocean Impact Plastic. Ocean Impact Plastic is composed of plastic that is actively collected from the ocean by GOT BAG. ⟶Discover the GOT BAG products here!
Havaianas is a Brazilian brand of flip-flop sandals founded and patented in 1962. It is currently owned by the Brazilian manufacturer Alpargatas S.A. Inspired by the Japanese Zori sandals, Robert Fraser was the first to mass produce rubber flip-flops. The name Havaianas is derived from the feminine form of the Portuguese word for "Hawaiian," and the pattern on the sandals' soles is said to resemble the straw soles of the zori. ⟶Discover the Havaianas products here!

Many yoga mats are not non-slip and are made of cheap plastic materials or PVC, which are often incompatible with humans and nature. JadeYoga recognized the problem and came in 2000 with a non-slip natural rubber yoga mat on the market. Since then, the JadeYoga brand has stood for the highest quality and sustainability in yoga. ⟶Discover the products from JadeYoga here!

The desire to create sunscreen products that are safe for the creatures in the oceans was the spark that led to the creation of Laboratoires de Biarritz. The company was created as part of the development of the bio-certified sunscreen products - to protect our skin with natural ingredients, but without petrochemical or polluting ingredients, in order to do justice to our environment as well.. ⟶Discover the Laboratoires de Biarritz products here!

In 1910, Calixte and Anastasie Lartigue founded one of the first workshops in the region in Oloron-Ste-Marie, producing fabrics for espadrilles and berets. Since then, 4 generations have continued the art of weaving with creativity and passion. ⟶Discover the Lartigue 1910 products here!

The name MAROMA contains, Ma - from mother, Aroma - the fragrance, Om - the universal sound, and finally back to Ma - mother. These words in a single name represent the high quality products. MAROMA offers a wide range of home fragrances and body care products that are fairly produced locally in India, free from harmful ingredients and sustainable. ⟶Entdecke hier die Produkte von MAROMA!

In 2015, professional surfer Kelly Slater and designer John Moore set out to change the clothing industry. They both wanted to produce clothes that would last longer, look good, be comfortable to wear and be sustainable. At Outerknown, sustainability is not a marketing slogan or something that the company's employees take lightly. Sustainability is the reason the company exists. Outerknown strives to never compromise on its commitment to sustainability. ⟶Discover the products from Outerknown here!
Rosenrot is a pioneer in the field of natural hair and body care in solid form (e.g. ShampooBit®) and was one of the first natural cosmetics manufacturers to receive the coveted Cosmos Ecocert seal for its solid products. Rosenrot is dedicated to the development of only the finest natural cosmetic products, made with precious craftsmanship - for the highest standards of care for your skin and hair. ⟶Discover here the products of Rosenrot Naturkosmetik!are.
VEY OceanFairMade Apparel has become an established brand in surf fashion, which is specifically tailored to the needs of surfers. The functionality of the products has top priority for VEY OceanFairMade Apparel. VEY OceanFairMade Apparel is one of the first surf fashion labels that uses only sustainable fabrics for the production of all their products. ⟶Discover the products from VEY here!
Way back to you was launched in 2019 to reshape the world of e-commerce. Making online shopping an experience you spend more time on. The website wants to encourage you to: exercise, eat healthy and consciously choosing a happy lifestyle. ⟶Discover the products from Way back to you here!

waschkram is a small company in Germany that produces natural cosmetics through craftsmanship. The company uses only ingredients of natural origin and designs their entire value chain sustainably. In addition to the products, waschkram also pays attention to resource-saving packaging and uses only recycled materials. The company specializes in solid shampoos & conditioners. The solid shampoos present themselves in a ball form with attached cords, ideal also for traveling. ⟶Discover the products of waschkram here!

69Slam is a diverse group of individuals from around the world based in Bali. With bold, bright colors and freaky patterns, 69Slam encourages a new generation of rebels to express themselves freely, enjoy life to the fullest, and choose the individual over the normal lifestyle. ⟶Discover the products of 69Slam here!